say hello/ and then farewell

frank ocean always floors me. the beeping alarm at the end and the brief punctuated exhale; like, oddly enough, the unconscious tic of someone mustering up all their strength or a soft breath let out after feeling the pain of probing a day-old bruise.

[pick up your heart of despair and move on]

fuck it

if being afraid’s a crime
we hang side by side

here’s to being stupidly optimistic and being reckless. i’ve regretted saying no enough

I mean!! come on!!!! look at everything you’ve ever done- you’ve always started in the middle, somewhere less ideal than you would have wanted it, but you’ve always come out somewhat okay. fuck it!! fuck this stupid mindset that you need to be prepped and organised and have everything just so before you can do anything!! stop crippling yourself!!!!! you stupid fuck!!!