advice i wish i had/ had taken

  1. it is important to try and cultivate mentor-mentee relationships. class participation and asking questions can contribute to this end- anything that helps the prof remember you better. research paper classes also help, especially if they allow you to pursue your own topics and consult regularly with the prof on them. basically, anything that helps you get more face time. this is one of the reasons it can help to pick classes that you’re genuinely interested in, so there’s at least that baseline shared interest between you and the prof and you can demonstrate that interest by discussing new developments. it might also be easier to do this in a smaller class size. things to think about when picking mods!
  2. try and discover how you learn and process information as soon as possible. what study methods work best for you, what kind of examination methods you are best at. it just makes the process less painful all around. that being said, doing past year hypotheticals are always worth it. you have a better idea of how to structure your answers and the kinds of issues that the prof likes to ask about and how they tend to be interconnected.
  3. actively reflect on and record your learning and feelings about each experience, especially because you might have to discuss it in the future for interviews.
  4. ask for help when you need it. from anyone, even if you’re not close to them. so many of us survive much of law school on the grace of others- their notes, their time, their effort- to begrudge giving what we can to those who need it. just ask politely, without presumption, and it’ll be fine.

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