find yourself somewhere

took a back door into the new law building to get up to the roof; threw ourselves down on the fake grass and slid off our shoes. looked out over the squat tops of buildings and up into the unalloyed sky; watched a glimmer in the distance and speculated about whether it was a star or a satellite. music drifts from the live stage just next door. wherever i’m with these girls the very air is remade into something intimate. i’m always glad we’ve somehow grown together like this. like trees in a primary forest, stretching out in our own space seemingly far apart, but our root systems gently entangled and supporting, grown together and around each other in so many inextricable layers.

“excuse me WHO brought her into the group??”
“Y’all were the welcoming ones! I was just the inserter”
“WOW so you penetrated us is what you’re saying”
“so we’re the vagina in this scenario”


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