nice moments in the past week

screaming ‘FUCK’ one night when we came back from dinner and had to return to work; and then the surprise of ash following suit, resulting in us just screaming for the next half hour straight
the kind of camaraderie of being in the moot room but also being in moot in general, being able to ask everyone else how shit is going and sc
seeing swathi’s non-plussed face every time i got especially into the song i was listening to and started mouthing along
making everyone laugh every time i got especially sweary and ranty when sorting through comments to our memorials
being so sleep-crazy and loose at 6.30am on d-day that i demonstrated how i know all the lyrics to ‘where is the love’ by rapping along
the shot we took together and the enduring warmth of the whiskey after
trying to describe the feeling of sleep-deprivation to my sister that night, even after a five hour nap: my thoughts just kept revolving, i kept trying to catch on to particular things but then i had to wait for it to come round again
burton was so nice friday morning, i felt really bad about not having done the readings at all and fumbling my way through whatever questions posed to me… i get what ryce meant now about liking smaller class groups. it’s immediately a lot friendlier- we were talking to each other a lot more- but burton himself is really collegial and interested in eliciting a discussion rather than lecturing.
the realisation that i had gotten jun’s birthday was very… not great… but her reply to my self-recriminatory message was, and left me feeling suffused with warmth and love, as she always does somehow
feeling anxious about class yearbook stuff until doro and amanda settled it for us ❤

find yourself somewhere

took a back door into the new law building to get up to the roof; threw ourselves down on the fake grass and slid off our shoes. looked out over the squat tops of buildings and up into the unalloyed sky; watched a glimmer in the distance and speculated about whether it was a star or a satellite. music drifts from the live stage just next door. wherever i’m with these girls the very air is remade into something intimate. i’m always glad we’ve somehow grown together like this. like trees in a primary forest, stretching out in our own space seemingly far apart, but our root systems gently entangled and supporting, grown together and around each other in so many inextricable layers.

“excuse me WHO brought her into the group??”
“Y’all were the welcoming ones! I was just the inserter”
“WOW so you penetrated us is what you’re saying”
“so we’re the vagina in this scenario”