boring school stress feel free to move on tyvm

just cried in the library when I was filling out El’s evaluation for ILP HA HA HA I am ALL OVER the emotional map right now. It’s just like, oh my god PEOPLE HAVE SO MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN AN ESSAY PW. I deserve excoriation for this. Is it that in life I haven’t had anything bigger to be responsible for than my grades that I want to fall down and die instead of doing this stupid small thing? thinking back to ILP I don’t know if it’s because I do better when I kind of like have multiple priorities at once, so I have to understand that the thing in front of me may suck but by the sheer number of things I have to do after that is clearly not just THE most important thing. but oh man I’m so sick of this, I can’t believe it’s already my fourth year and I’m not over it.


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