you’ll be singing with me

we all arrive together from separate places, all having sworn to have been there earlier
once we’ve sat down, ruth asks the nearest waitstaff when the food’s gonna be served
calling hayder to come over when he’s running up and down the aisle and have him tell us about the henna tattoos on his hands, little miss chatterbox on his right and mr chatterbox on his left, in his baby bird voice
seeing fadli walk in, his face resplendent with joy
“tisa, you did [banquet waitstaffing]” before right” “yeah! well, we’re all banquet waiting now actually”
cheering for farisha like we’re there for supportsquad stuff again: “lets wave an imaginary signboard!!”
when the waiter asks if she can remove the first dish, ruth: “no”
watching farisha doing the taylor swift love story thing of having to pick up her dress to move in it
ruth eating her dessert pensively, then putting down her spoon and announcing “I can’t believe they’re gonna have sex tonight”
not realising h*zrul was famous until farisha asked him up to sing and then frantically googling him under the table
‘i’ve decided i’m gonna sing ‘my heart will go on’ to my husband at my wedding, the full celine dion version, it’s gonna be so awkward’
standing around in the emptying ballroom waiting for farisha and singing along to ‘i will always love you’ in the background, and then laughing to hear ray dancing around bawling the chorus full-throatedly
taking photos in the lift lobby and apologising to a hotel guest standing by us for blocking her way, only to have her smile and say that she was admiring our dresses
farisha’s aunts calling her over for a photo and her uncle grumbling ‘we see her every day!!’
hayder looking gravely at us and handing out sparkly pipecleaners (very reminiscent of when he gave me a potato)
sending photos to the group chat and sydney asking “U guys look so prettyyyyyyy… But where’s the photo of the groom n the bride…”


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