broken my own heart again

The street’s alien like this, lights darting over the facade of buildings, darkness playing havoc with depth perception. right after taking this photo I put my foot into the SMU fountain. It’s crowded but an amiable, communal kind- people sitting on sidewalks, holding drinks, laughing- almost not wanting to be anywhere else. SAM was playing the same kind of tinkly hazy underwater dream music that buskers used to play on the millennium bridge in London, and I felt like I could have been in another country, how loose and comfortably unfamiliar I, it felt. But maybe I’m confusing internal dislocation with external. I tried to make a metaphor about projecting facades for my Instagram post but gave it up- bit obvious, even for me.

It was like three hours earlier, when we left the supermarket into the intimate heat of the afternoon, the unrelenting light, with eva cassidy was playing over the loudspeakers- will you stay with me/ will you be my love– and I just, I felt.


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